About us

Grande, we are greedy .. chocolate!

We are a young Italian company, located in Piedmont, a region famous for producing delicious chocolate. From Turin, its main city, has created many important companies craft excellence confectionery and chocolate that over time have established themselves worldwide for their goodness.

In Piedmont, the love for food is considered a virtue and not a vice, even when the food in question is the very symbol of temptation: the chocolate!

The close relationship between Piedmont and chocolate has deep roots dating back to 1559, when the Duke Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy introduced into society the refined habit, observed during his frequent visits with noble French and Spanish, drinking hot chocolate. Since then, even more so since the beginning of the eighteenth century, Turin and Piedmont have been one of the main centers of production of chocolate at the European level.

The goal of Big and to rediscover the origins of the highest quality chocolate products, flavors handcrafted, using only the highest quality raw materials and experimenting with new flavors and blends to offer to our customers. Our product caters to a demanding clientele that only Italian search in product excellence. For this reason we designed a range of products that were not only excellent for the palate but also for the eyes, paying particular attention to manufacturing quality of their packaging, which are made by hand from a small workshop in Turin, giving the product an aspect elegant and appealing.

Great collaborates production of an important craft for the production of their chocolate, which achieves sublime delicacies since 1950. Immediately after the war, in the hills of Asti Langa, chocolate realized only in respect of craftsmanship from the start by choosing the best raw materials Piedmontese.